Mobile Phone Marketing The Surest Way to Deliver Your Message

Mobile Phone Marketing The Surest Way to Deliver Your Message

Mobile Phone Marketing The Surest Way to Deliver Your Message

Mobile phone marketing is a technique of marketing and promoting one’s products or services. It is considered to be highly effective, mainly because the mobile phone user base is a lot greater than that of other marketing tools. This means that it can surely and effectively deliver one’s message.

Mobile phone marketing agencies set up different ways to get people to opt in to their campaigns through different methods like offers, surveys, and promotional schemes. People register to forms and opt in, allowing companies to send them short messages from their marketing partners.

When a marketing agency markets and promotes their services to mobile phone owners, they need to ask permission from subscribers to send messages to them. This can be achieved through special offers like free tickets or freebies, phone top-ups, lucky draws, etc. The subscribers are then categorised based on gender, age, geographical location, occupation, the products they buy, etc. The mobile phone marketing agency will then send messages on behalf of the main company or sell opt-in subscribers to the principal company itself.

Statistics and researches reveal that 90% of people worldwide own a mobile phone and use it on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, it has been found out that the mobile phone is something that the modern person cannot live without. In Russia, 88% of the population use SMS as their main mode of communication. In Switzerland, 85% use SMS. In Italy, 78% are SMS users. In Spain, 76% send messages several times in a day. These are just some of the figures available, but they all imply that an SMS message will never go unread. These figures are very attractive not only to mobile phone manufacturers but potentially to all other businesses too, as they suggest that a lot of – if not all – targets can be reached by using a mobile phone marketing strategy.

According to a press release from Gartner, 314.7 million mobile phones were sold globally in 2010. This means there was a 48.7% increase in sales from 2009. These figures clearly indicate that mobile phone users are increasing in numbers each year. It also implies that the target for mobile phone marketing is also increasing more and more. With about 315 million mobile phone users around the world, we can say with confidence that mobile phone marketing will work in delivering messages. It would be wise for every company and marketer to consider using this tool as part of their marketing strategy.

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