Samoa Events A Glimpse

Samoa Events A Glimpse

Samoa Events A Glimpse

Samoa, a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean is an enthralling experience for every person making a visit there. This Isle of Samoa is not only known for its sapphire beauty and turquoise beaches, but also fascinates tourists due to its rich traditional culture that they have inherited since centuries. Whether you talk about Samoa weddings or other Samoa events, there is always something special in these that attract copious tourists to the country, every year.

Here is the list of some of the special Samoa events, in which you can indulge and make the most of you holidays.

Samoa International Game Fishing Tournament :

This event occurs in May of every year. Teams from all around the world are welcomed to participate in the tournament. This is a weeklong tournament and ensures impeccable bash with exciting game fishing and merriment for all the participants and the tourists.

Independence Day :

Samoa was once a German colony, later captured by New Zealand, before gaining the complete independence in 1962. Every year, June 1 is celebrated as Independence Day in Samoa. This occasion is marked with an early morning march and service in the capital city Apia. Besides, umpteen activities, like Fautasi (longboat) races, are also organized to celebrate the event. All the Samoa Shops are decorated to mark the happiness among the residents of Samoa.

Siva Afi Competition :

This is an international fire-dance competition which held every year in the month of June. The main venue of the occasion is Laumei Faiaga Cocktail Bar at Sogi. The Siva Afi (Fire dance) competition brings in local competitors to the stage along with the competitors from New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. They all showcase their dance talent to win the title of best Siva Afi dancer.

Teuila Festival :

The Teuila festival is a 7 day event that showcases many cultural Samoa Events that include weaving, carving and traditional dance. Kirikiti (Samoan Criket) tournaments are also held along with the Canoe racing and Fautasi Races to mark the event. A contest is also held for the beautiful ladies who can contest for Miss Teuila Pageant which is preceded by a floral parade.

White Sunday :

Another Samoa event that is very important in Samoa Culture is White Sunday. This is a special day for all the children of Samoa. The children of all religions perform plays depicted from bible to replace the normal sermon given by church minister. It is a colorful event and all the Samoa shops and churches are decorates with colorful flowers.

Palolo Rising :

If you want to experience the taste of Samoa’s own Caviar, nothing but the Palolo rising is a perfect choice. This event occurs every October/ November. Palolo (egg sperm) is best known for Samoan delicacy and rises out of the sea only twice a year. Take part in this event of catching Palolo with the locals and observe age old traditions of Samoa.

There is lot more in stored for you in Samoa. Make a visit and indulge in the best cultural heritage of Samoa.

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