Lucca Tourist Information

Lucca Tourist Information

Lucca is certainly not one of the most well known of Italian cities on the tourist circuit, but it has a lot to offer to even the most seasoned of travelers. Lucca (in the province of the same name) is located in Tuscany, near the west coast of central Italy. The sense of history there is immense which is hardly surprising when you read the list of invaders and occupiers that have paid a visit, including Napoleon and of course the Romans. Read Also (Investigate National Parks For a Holiday in Great Britain)
It is worth visiting Lucca just to see its most famous landmark, the city walls. Dating from about five hundred years ago in medieval times they still circumscribe the old town virtually undamaged. You can actually wander round the immensely thick walls on the tree lined pathway to view the beautiful old town. Read Also (Visit The Spectacular Zongkhul Monastery During Your Leh Ladakh Tour)
On entering the old town through one the ancient gateways, you can stroll through the narrow roads and alleyways to get a true feel for the history and beauty of Lucca. There are plenty of pavement bars and restaurants to sit and enjoy some refreshments, watching the world go by, before setting off again. I always follow the locals to get the best food at a reasonable cost, so avoiding tourist prices. Read Also (Join The Jet Set In Acapulco, Mexico)

The Piazza Anfiteatro is another “must see” in Lucca, originally a Roman amphitheatre and now a center for locals and tourists alike. The impressive Cathedral (Duomo) dates as far back as the Roman times of the 5th century and has been renovated several times over the following centuries. It also contains several early Christian holy relics, some of which are displayed during local festivals.

The churches of San Michele and San Frediano in Lucca are worth a visit to view the fine architecture and decoration. Another landmark you won’t be able to miss, is the Torre Guinigi, a huge 15th century tower with large trees growing on top of it, the climb to the top is worth it for the views alone. Read Also (Save Some Cash – Get a Holiday Package)

Outside the town of Lucca but nearby there are various villas (the Villas Torrigiani and Reale are nearest) that are worth a visit and further a field there are many monuments and castles that should be seen if time permits.

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The local accommodation is of good quality with reasonably priced hotels and many beautiful villas to be rented in the surrounding Tuscan countryside. If you plan to visit Lucca at peak times it is essential to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Probably the best times to visit are spring and autumn when it is not to hot for lots of walking. Read Also (Demystifying Siquijor)

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